Hello all Oaks email users
We are now using a new email provider – 34sp.co.uk instead of names.co.uk.  All of your emails should have been synchronised during the move so you should be able to login into your new account, using the ORIGINAL email address you had before (usually the job title rather than your name which is the alias) and password as you had before, and carry on as normal.  We will set up aliases again in the next step once this is working.

opspeople@theoakschildcare.co.uk (alias Jo Lambdon, Jo)
clubsmanager@theoakschildcare.co.uk (alias Jo Dore)
minioaks@theoakschildcare.co.uk (alias Lily Farmery)
office@… (alias Nicole Graham)
administrator@… (alias Alison Bell)
financedirector@… (alias Graham Viles)

As before, you can either use webmail or an email programme like Outlook (or both).


You can access this using your email address and password on this link: https://mail.34sp.com/

Email programme

Change the in/out server settings on their various devices you are using:
incoming mail server: mail.34sp.com
outgoing mail server: smtp.34sp.com
Detailed instructions for various devices/programmes are here:

Fingers crossed all will go smoothly and Martin Abel has been helping us out throughout and can help troubleshoot also.
I am in the Oaks office on Monday and available on the phone.  Good luck!  Let me know how you get on…